Hello, hello, hello! 👋

At OSHIQ, we’re passionate about looking our very best. We know that no outfit is complete without some accessories or jewelry and that young, modern women want to make their homes look and feel Instagram-worthy every day of the week.

That’s why we launched OSHIQ.com.

Founded in 2018, we have one simple mission: to try, curate, and sell some of the world’s best jewelry, accessories, and homeware under one roof, and do it with love and passion.

From humble 💫 beginnings...

It all started when we were trying to find our good friend Anna an outfit for her date. Finding her a new dress was the easy part, but when you’re trying to pull together an entire outfit for that special occasion, it can be tough to seek out handbags, accessories, and jewelry that complements your look.

It’s also super inconvenient having to browse tonnes of websites for a new necklace or purse, paying to ship from different sites and having to wait in for separate deliveries.

In our minds, that was too much of a headache, and that’s how OSHIQ was born.

We decided that, rather than make fashionistas spend hours aimlessly browsing the web for new pieces for their wardrobes and fashion collections, why not bring together the very best bags, accessories, makeup, jewelry, and homeware under one roof?

What we came up with is simple, affordable, and takes the pressure out of dressing smartly. Browse online now, and thank us later.

Why buy 🛍 from us?

We offer free delivery on all of our orders over $49, and we’ve got a whole host of accessories and beauty products under the $20 mark, so whether you’re buying for yourself or you’re looking for a gift for a friend, you can find the very best bags, hair pieces, scarfs, socks, tights, and more on a budget. Bargain!

Our ultimate goal is to make sure you leave our website with a smile on your face - and, if it’s what you’re looking for, a gorgeous piece of jewelry or accessory to finish off your outfit.

We pride ourselves on testing and reviewing every single item on our website - and if we don’t think it’s good quality, or we wouldn’t wear it or recommend it, then we don’t sell it. Simple.

Our female-led team is on hand to help if you have any questions about the products we offer on our website, or if you need some advice on what to pick for your next night out. If you need style tips, advice, or simply fancy a chat, then just drop us a message.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and bringing you cutting-edge jewelry, handbags, makeup, accessories, and homeware that will brighten your life and make you feel beautiful every day.

Speak soon,

#TeamOSHIQ 💋